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David Angsten

Reviews of David Angsten's Night Of The Furies

"Fast, furious, sexy, and unique, David Angsten's NIGHT OF THE FURIES turns a tour of the Greek Isles into a gripping story of ancient history and bloody retribution. This book demands to be read in one sitting."

- James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of Black Order and The Last Oracle

"(Angsten) has a knack for marrying myth with mayhem, flirting with the supernatural and yet keeping it just grounded enough for it to remain plausible. In real life, I’d likely never hang out with the hash-smoking Duran brothers and their freewheelin’ lifestyle, but after taking two smartly written trips with them in fiction, we’re BFFs. On the page, I’d follow them anywhere Angsten dares to take them. …Map this one out among your fall excursions."

- Rod Lott, Editor

"Maybe David Angsten has created a new genre - the 'mythic adventure,' where we absorb the fascinating ancient history behind the mythology of exotic places, while running for our lives alongside his protagonists as they flee present-day manifestations. These books are as edifying and dramatic as historical novels, but always suspenseful, and dependably atmospheric with dread and sexual tension. …NIGHT OF THE FURIES makes myth credible, tangible, and finally frightening"

- Roy Freirich, author of Winged Creatures