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David Angsten

Synopsis of David Angsten's Dark Gold

Three college buddies, two ravishing shipmates, a wealthy yachtsman - and plenty of Mexican tequila - combine and combust in this epic tale of a search for sunken treasure - and survival against an awesome creature of the sea.

In the summer following their last year of college, Jack Duran and his two best friends, Rock and Duff, are looking forward to a carefree trip around the globe - a last stab at freedom before tackling the "real world." But when Jack's vagabond brother, Dan, vanishes in Mexico, they decide to head to Puerto Vallarta to see if they can find him.

Following Dan's trail of shady dealings, they soon join forces with a Bahamian yachtsman - a charismatic eccentric with a mysterious past - and become hopelessly enamored with his two enticing shipmates. Sailing down the jungle-covered coast of Mexico, they discover that Dan was searching for a 19th-century shipwreck reputedly laden with gold. When they finally locate the sunken wreck in the bay of a remote fishing village, they enter its eerie, black waters and begin their hunt for the treasure.

But one by one, the divers disappear.

Jack soon discovers that a mysterious leviathan seems to be guarding the wreck. Could it be the fabled Diablo Blanco - a deadly local legend come to life? 

Blinded by the prospect of untold riches, Jack pursues his harrowing quest to the very brink of the abyss, bringing him finally face-to-face with an awesome, mythical terror.

A roaring high-adventure thriller reminiscent of Jaws and The Beach, Dark Gold is the hair-raising tale of a lost ship, a dark obsession, and a terrifying denizen of the deep.