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David Angsten

Reviews of David Angsten's The Assassin Lotus

“As a thriller writer and practicing Buddhist, I find no fault with Angsten's craft, style, content and intent. In fact, I laud him for trying to chew through so much of history while telling a gripping story. He makes the reader richer for it by reflecting purely delightful moments of insight and radiance. Enjoy amateur sleuths that tour the ends of the world at a breakneck pace on the quest of a lifetime. Even several lifetimes, if history is to be believed. On'Ya author! This is a five-star feast for readers!”

- Peter Prasad, author, The Goat-Ripper Case

“Action packed and enlightening. David Angsten weaves together his sophisticated, hands-on knowledge of Eastern philosophies and esoteric contemplative arts, with a blockbuster scriptwriter's passion for contemporary, terrorist-drenched adventure. I especially admire the fact that he creates strong female characters who don't succumb to the usual sexist bulls*** fantasies, a banality of many spy thriller novelists. Women -- if you want an adventure tale that elevates a story line to something your feminist heart would adore, and is still loaded with heroic, gutsy guys -- read David Angsten's books.”

~ Prof. Meg Jordan, medical anthropologist, California Institute of Integral Studies

“Angsten has done it again, delivering action and suspense via protagonist Jack Duran, a man passionately determined to lead an examined life, between dodging bullets and blades. It all makes for a rare combination of edification and entertainment, as history, geography and the hypocritical politics of religion send Jack on a contemporary quest along the ancient Silk Road, where he must find a courage beyond it all to live and to love.”

~Roy Freirich, screenwriter/author, Winged Creatures